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Our 88 days free calculation tool

Discover our 88 days calculation tool that’s going to help you apply safely to the second year visa. As you all may know, to apply for the second year visa in Australia, you need to work 88 days on a farm.
But every years tons of backpackers struggle on how to calculate their days. How to be sure you did enough hours or days, or to calculate them ?

Most of the payslips doesn’t show the number of hours which make it very uneasy to find out.

So, that’s why, by using Australian Government information, we created an easy and simple tool that will help you to know how many days you have cumulated ! Finally you’ll be sure to apply properly for the second year visa by knowing exactly if your worked enought.

Our 88 Days Calculation tool is entierely free. You can download it on your phone or use our desktop version below :

Wikifarms Australia The free Calculation Tool

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