WikiFarms Australia useful tool for your 88 days

Whether you need something to calculate your 88 days for the second year visa, a farm job or some new friends, we got you covert!

88 days free calculation tool

88 days calculator

  • Our calculator tool help you to know how far from the second year visa your are. Simply follow our simulation tool to help you evaluate if you are done with your days! You can enter the days and hours you’ve worked and the tool will automatically tell you if you need to work more to get your 88 days in order to get your second year visa.
How to get the second year visa in Australia

Harvest Map to know where to get your 88 days

  • Our free harvest map is a sample of our official WikiFarms Australia app. You can connect with a few dozen farmers and ask them for a farm job. The best way to find a farm work is to ask the farmers directly!
WikiFarms Australia app

WikiFarms Australia

WikiFarms Australia Facebook Page

Facebook page

  • Our Community on Facebook is growing constanly, join the groups to meet other backpackers, find job ads, tips and more!