You want to stay 1 more year in Australia and need to complete your 88 days of farm work? But you don’t know how and where to search? Start with our free harvest map!

Harvest map Australia

First of all, the best way to find a farm job is to directly pop into places and ask the farmers if they need workers.
Ok, but where are those farms?
Most of the farms are located in remote area, called agricultural towns. Those towns are famous for fruit picking and other kind of farm work. This towns welcome a lot of backpackers each years. The harvest map below list some of them, with their harvest period.

It’s a sample of what you can get with the app WikiFarms Australia : a app much more complete that will allow you to get phone numbers, emails, full addresses and hundreds more contacts of farmers all over Australia. The app can also allow you to see ratings of the farms by other travellers like you. You’ll now then where is the best place to find a fruit picking opportunity!

Be careful that not all areas in Australia a eligible to apply for the second year visa. Most of the time the areas close to cities are not éligible areas. To be sure where you decide to do your 88 days of work is the right place, consult our list of eligible regional areas.

Looking for the best harvest map in Australia? Download WikiFarms Australia on the Google Play Store!

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