What is WikiFarms Australia?

WikiFarms Australia is our official mobile application. It will help you to be in contact with farmers by making available a list of hundred of contacts in Australia! What you can find in the app :

  • Farms
  • Working hostel
  • Labour job agency
  • Mines
  • Packing shed

The database is always growing and constantly being updated by our team and by the community : new farms are regularly added, modified and verified, making it the largest database for fruit picking jobs in Australia! With now more than 1800 contacts, WikiFarms Australia is you best chance to get in touch with lots of farms and get your farm work done!

Download WikiFarms Australia map

WikiFarms Australia makes it easy to find a farm. Simply use the map screen to see exactly where are located the farms. Then, tap a site to bring up its description. It shows you the name of the farm, an icon representing the type of crop, the phone number, and for some of them, website, email or social media links! You can then call the farmers, ask them if they need workers, or if you are ready to go, you can even start an itinerary from your current location and go directly ask them in person!

WikiFarms Australia is a one time purchase! No subscriptions or on-going fees!

In conclusion, do not wait to join the the best farm job app in Australia !

Where to find the app?

Download now on Google Store

Download wikifarms australia on the google Play Store

WikiFarms Australia will be available on the Apple Store in 2019 !

Download wikifarms australia on the Apple Store

Why is our application not free ?

We are a small team working full time on this project for more than 2 years ! As a result, the profit of the app really help us to make it better day after day. In addition, it also contribute to our travelling passion.

You certainly think that most apps are free, but are they really? Most of the time, free apps are full of unwanted and annoying ads and you often have to pay more to have the full use of it. Consequently, we made the choice to offer a complete, advertising-free experience for a as low of a price as we could make it. That means we need to consider that half the price you pay for it goes to taxes and Google share 🙁

The application gives you what you need the most to find a farm job : farmers contact and localisation. When you find your farm job, the price of it will be covert in less than half an hour of work !

So, we hope that you have a good experience with our app. And please, if you don’t, feel free to contact us immediately!

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